Using self storage when moving overseas

If you’re moving overseas for an extended period of time, whether for study, work, or personal reasons, it is not always practical to take all your belongings with you. While you might have friends or family members who are prepared to hold onto some of your personal items, expecting them to keep your bulkier possessions can be an imposition. What you need is a practical and affordable long-term storage solution.

At MIGHTY Self Storage, we assist many customers across Leicester and the surrounding area with their storage needs. In this article, we will look at some of the ways personal storage units can assist you when moving abroad:

Declutter your life

Moving abroad is the opportunity for a fresh start and part of that is deciding which of your belongings you cannot do without in your new home. Is it worth shipping over your collection of books, music, or other physical media, for example? Will you have the room for your favourite dining room furniture? Are you going to be renting furnished accommodation? None of that means you have to get rid of your possessions, a long-term storage solution keeps everything safe and secure for when you need it again or choose to sell it on.

Save on shipping fees

It costs a lot of money to ship bulky items overseas. Air freight is particularly expensive when it comes to transporting heavy objects as shipments are billed by weight. Even sending items by sea is a costly experience, since you have to pay for a whole shipping container, regardless of whether you fill it or not. Sometimes, it can be cheaper to put your valued possessions into storage in the UK and invest in some new furniture at your destination – especially if you plan to return at some point.

Moving abroad

Move abroad in stages

Moving overseas is a massive undertaking, with much to arrange in terms of accommodation, employment, visas and other paperwork, and so on. Shipping your belongings to your new home is yet another part of the process. The whole thing can get overwhelming and you run the risk of forgetting something important. By putting some items into storage, you can just ship the essentials to your new home, making the transition quicker and simpler. Once you’re settled, some weeks or months down the line, you can arrange for the rest of your items to be transported.

Temporary relocations

Not everybody moves abroad with the intention of living there forever. Some might by studying for a set period of time, or be contracted to a business project that has a specific end-date some time in the future. Rather than risk leaving their important possessions in an empty house at home while they travel overseas, they can make use of personal storage units to keep everything safe and secure in the interim.

If you’re in need of a long-term storage solution in and around the Leicester area, MIGHTY Self Storage is here to help. We have a range of personal storage units available in a variety of sizes, suitable to your particular needs. To enquire about prices and availability, give the team a call today on 0116 365 3001.

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