How Do I Transport My Items to the MIGHTY Self Storage Facility?

There are many reasons why you’ll need to store your belongings in a self storage facility including moving to a new home, having renovation work done in your property, downsizing, decluttering, moving abroad, and storing unused furniture.

When you’ve finished the hard work and packed all your items into boxes and bags, how do you approach transporting them to your storage unit? At MIGHTY Self Storage, you’ll have a few options to choose from. Whether you prefer to transport the items yourself or take advantage of our collection and delivery service, our goal is to make your transition smooth and hassle-free.

Here are some helpful tips for transporting your items to the MIGHTY Self Storage facility.

Consider splitting your trips to the storage facility

Whether you’re limited on car space, busy with work schedules, or you have too many belongings to transfer, it’s often better to make multiple trips to the self storage facility instead of transporting everything in a single journey.

Use the correct packaging to transport & store your belongings

Using the right packaging materials will reduce the likelihood of unwanted damage during transit and storage, so don’t skimp on quality materials and take your time packing your boxes properly.

If you are going to be stacking boxes in the storage unit, they need to be good quality, sturdy boxes for stability, otherwise boxes at the bottom could bow under the weight of the boxes on top of them potentially causing damage to the contents.

Travel in the right weather condition

Transporting your items during unfavourable weather conditions can increase the risk of damage to your items.

Travelling during humid conditions or on a rainy day can create moisture inside the storage unit that increases the risk of damage to stored items. Travelling on an icy or snowy day increases the risk of slips and trips that could cause you to drop and damage your items.

Make use of the facilities push trolleys when you arrive

Instead of making endless trips between your vehicle and the unit, our storage facility can provide you with push trolleys to transport heavy boxes and fragile goods to avoid the risk of falls, item damages, and personal injury.

About MIGHTY Self Storage

MIGHTY Self Storage is conveniently located in South Wigston, with easy access from the B582, making our storage unit a comfortable drive from any Leicester-based home or business.

If you’re unable to transport your items to the MIGHTY Self Storage facility, we offer a collection and delivery service. Our friendly team will deliver a container to your property for you to load your belongings. All of your items will be categorised for convenience and then sealed before transporting them to our storage facility.

If you’re looking for an affordable self-storage unit in Leicester, call us today on 0116 239 3000 for a free, no-obligation quote.

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