MIGHTY Self storage advice for students in Leicester

As a student, you will have a lot of belongings when living in halls or student digs. When the family home is at the other end of the country, and you don’t want to leave your belongings unattended or you have to vacate your property, then it makes great sense to use student storage in Leicester to keep all your valuable items safe and secure.

If you are considering MIGHTY self storage Leicester services, then below we share some advice for when you need to store your belongings during your time at university or college.

Sort your student stuff

The first step is to figure out exactly what needs to be put into storage, what can be chucked and what you can take home. Bigger items such as a drum kit, furniture and bedding are good items to place into storage, as are any textbooks and folders that are not needed during the break.

Choose self storage near where you study

Self storage options are hugely beneficial when you are unable to store your belongings at the family home. Perhaps there is limited space, or you to plan to go travelling. Using a self storage unit near where you study makes lots of sense, as you can quickly and easily have access to stuff on your return.

The right sized storage

It’s not only important to carefully choose the location of your self storage unit, but you also need to consider its size. This can only be done, once you know exactly what will be going into storage. Doing so will enable you to choose the right size of storage option so that you are only paying for space you actually need.

Label your belongings and list everything

You’ll be surprised at the amount of stuff you accumulate as a student. Pots, pans, bedding, coursework and household accessories are only some of the many ready to store items you possess. So, it’s important to label all boxes and to make an itemised list of everything you place into storage. This will make unpacking in your student digs that much easier.

To learn more about MIGHTY self storage in Leicester when you’re a student, then please do get in touch with us

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