What Sized Storage Unit Do I Need?

In general, the storage unit size you need depends entirely on what you’re planning to store and how much stuff there is. But estimating this by looking at your entire inventory can be difficult and can cause inaccuracies when trying to determine the best size before renting a storage unit.

Most units are listed in vague terms like small, medium and large units with square feet measurements provided, but it’s hard to visualise if your items can fit there practically. Different furniture shapes and boxed items can overcompensate on the unit size, so to help gain a clear idea on which unit size to pick, MIGHTY Self Storage created a convenient size guide to break down multiple unit sizes and determine how much you can fit in.

Read on below to know more and use our interactive storage space calculator on our website to help guide you.

25 Square feet unit

A 25 sq ft unit is equivalent to the size of a standard garden shed that you have at home. It can be ideal if you need to store household items like your DIY tools, Christmas decorations, and other knick-knacks. At a glance, the size can look tiny; however, you can keep armchairs, a single mattress or a few sports equipment, so you can fit a lot more than you think. It’s the best solution for storing things that you use occasionally and items that clutter up your home.

50 Square feet unit

A 50 sq ft unit fits half the size of a normal-sized garage and can contain most furniture and belongings from a one-bedroom flat. You can store a large TV, queen size bed, bikes, and other appliances with this unit. Many business owners and companies tend to use this size for storing office equipment, desk, chairs, boxes and other excess assets, so it is ideal when setting up a business or keeping unused appliances.

100 Square feet unit

Equivalent to the size of a standard garage, this capacity can hold all contents of a two-bedroom flat, house or even a small warehouse. With a higher ceiling, items can be stacked up tall, making it easier to fit oversized furniture like garden furniture, bikes and sofa sets. Even awkward shaped items and heavy equipment won’t be much of a problem. Alternative uses are small offices or small warehouses for business purposes.

200 Square feet unit

Capable of keeping contents from a large 4 bedroom house, this unit is ideal for multiple uses such as large warehouse, bulk merchandise stock, office and more. You can fit numerous large appliances, heavy machinery, fridge-freezers and garden furniture.
Choose MIGHTY Self Storage for affordable units and excellent service

MIGHTY Self Storage units offer a wide selection of storage units at a great value. All units are monitored and maintained with high security, meaning all customers can leave their belongings without any worries. Our terms are flexible so that you are eligible to upgrade or change your unit capacity if necessary. If you require further advice and tips for storage calculations, call us today on 0116 3653001 or fill in our contact form.

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