Business Self-Storage Option

Space and storage will always come at a premium price that’s why our self-storage options at Store U provide our customers with affordable, high-security, and first-rate business storage. By choosing our service, you can store your documents, office supplies, furniture, and equipment in a highly monitored place off-site for short or long durations.

Our different-sized units range between 13-square feet to 150 square feet, and various services offered include 24-hour self-storage rooms, container storage, wooden containers, and much more. With our flexible agreements and long-term rental discounts, Store U is the ideal solution to your business storage needs.

Why choose Store U for self business storage?

  • 24-hour CCTV monitoring
  • 24-hour access available with Free WiFi
  • Contact-free moving allows all customers to rent our unit right away
  • Unique PIN code entry and alternative safety locks available
  • Packing materials, boxes, bubble wraps, and tapes available on site for purchase
  • On-site trolleys for easy access and transit
  • Short and long term storage
  • Flexibility in rent duration and unit size
  • Collection and Delivery Service are available

Container Storage Units

With more than 40 different-sized units, we can easily accommodate your self-storage needs, whether you’re moving offices and you need to store equipment temporarily, or you need a short term space for the summer to store your belongings before the next semester of university. Store U is student-friendly, with low-cost student storage and discounts to meet your budget and capacity requirements. Suitable for domestic and business purposes, our steel container units can keep hold of various items, furniture, equipment, and more.

24-Hour Self-storage rooms

Having unrestricted access to your belongings 24/7 is a beneficial system that we had to implement for our customers’ convenience. No longer will you need to take time off your work schedule or cancel your weekend plans to use our self-storage rooms. This service is suitable for short-term storage during a house move, renovation or whenever you’re in the process of house decluttering. Our storage units are popular amongst merchants and e-traders that require space to store stock or tools when not in use.

Vehicle storage

Vehicle storage is frequently used at our facility for many different reasons and purposes. Some of your favourite hobbies may require specific vehicle types. Large or small, many seasonal items can be stored, such as convertibles, vintage vehicles, golf carts, caravans, and such. Store U can keep your cars indoors or outdoors to suit your needs depending on the vehicle condition requirements. The size will play a significant factor in the square footage, so it’s best to call or speak with our on-site manager to decide what’s best for your needs and budget

Short term or Long term?

Short term is ideal if when:

  • You’re looking to store office furniture and equipment while renovating your workspace or moving to a new office space.
  • You need a safe place to store your equipment temporarily whilst you work on site.
  • You’re required to house your stock or business surplus on a short term basis

Long term is the best solution when:

  • You need to store paper files and documents securely
  • You have to keep materials and stock for an online business (We can arrange to receive and dispatch service if required)
  • You need a lease-free, flexible warehousing alternative to stock large volumes of stock and materials

Make sure to choose Store U for the best business self-storage options in Leicester. If you have any questions about storage options or require advice from our friendly team of storage experts, make sure to call us today on 0116 239 3000, and they’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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