The Benefits of Using Self Storage During a Home Renovation

When renovating your home, one of your key considerations is what to do with all your furniture and other household belongings while the work is taking place. In theory, you could move your possessions from room to room as the renovations progress, but that’s not always possible. Even when it is, it can be frustrating for you and anyone else

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Using self storage when moving overseas

If you’re moving overseas for an extended period of time, whether for study, work, or personal reasons, it is not always practical to take all your belongings with you. While you might have friends or family members who are prepared to hold onto some of your personal items, expecting them to keep your bulkier possessions can be an imposition. What

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Carton boxes

Choosing the Right Packing Materials for Different Items

Whether you’re moving house and putting items into personal storage units, storing stock and assets for your business, or a student storing possessions while you are away at University, you need the right materials for the job. Just throwing your belongings into the nearest box or bin-liner is a sure-fire way to end up with lost or damaged goods during

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Tips for moving into student accommodation

Starting University life is a big step for anybody – even more so if you’re attending a University outside of your local area. Moving into student accommodation, whether it’s a Hall of Residence or a privately-let house or apartment, requires a certain mindset and a practical approach if you’re going to do it properly. Here are some useful hints and

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Moving into temporary accommodation

Preparing to move to a temporary home

Plenty of us find ourselves in temporary accommodation from time to time. Whether we’re between house moves and want to avoid being stuck in a chain, or our home is undergoing a major renovation that requires us finding somewhere else to lay our heads for a couple of weeks. Whether you’re staying in a hotel, with friends and family, or

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Moving house

5 essential packing tips for your house move

Packing for a house move can be a stressful business. You don’t realise, until you start just how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. Fortunately, there are a few simple hints and tips you can employ to make the process easier on you: Get the right packing materials Like any task, packing up your belongings is easier if you

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Moving items into storage

A Guide to Lifting Heavy Objects Correctly

Many of our customers use our self-storage facility to keep their larger and heavier items. Whether it’s a piece of furniture, or a box full of hardback books, moving a heavy object requires care, attention, and the right technique. If you try to lift something from the floor by brute force, you are likely to pull a muscle in your

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Office documents

Do businesses need to keep physical copies of documents?

Document and archive storage is an important consideration for all businesses as it provides you with a safe and secure location to keep your businesses paperwork. But do you really need a physical record of your company documents, and how long do you need to store them. As one of the leading storage companies in the Leicestershire, Mighty provides document

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Steel storage containers

Benefits of choosing steel storage containers

Whether you’re looking for suitable storage for commercial purposes including equipment, stock, or assets; or for domestic use such as during a property renovation or house sale, steel storage containers are a cost-effective option. MIGHTY Self Storage has provided storage solutions to many companies and domestic customers across Leicester, from construction sites and factories to offices, retail businesses, and many more. The

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