Online Retail Storage Units Leicester

If you run a business selling items online, retail storage units are absolutely essential. While most online traders – including sellers on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, as well as those with their own e-commerce sites – start from home, as your business grows, you’ll find yourself rapidly running out of room. This is where dedicated online retails storage can help.

Retail Storage Units

Here at MIGHTY Self Storage, we provide storage solutions for all kinds of online traders. This includes storage for Amazon sellers, storage for eBay sellers, and more. Our secure storage units offer the perfect place to keep your stock while waiting for your orders to come in. These are just some of the benefits of having your own space for holding stock.

More Room at Home

Most online sellers start off small, using a shed, garage, or spare room to store their stock. This is fine when you’re just starting out and anxious to keep overheads to a minimum, but it’s not something you can maintain forever. As your business grows, so does the amount of space you need for replenishing stock. Before you know it, every available surface is covered with the products you’re selling. With an online retail storage unit, you can keep everything in one place and reclaim your house!

Better Work/Life Balance

Our units aren’t just a place to hold stock. There’s sufficient room in there for you to pack up your orders, print off shipping labels, complete inventory checks, and so on. This makes it easier for you to separate your work life from your home life, resulting in a better balance between the two..

Safe and Secure

If somebody knows you keep your stock at home, your property could potentially become a target for thieves. With our secure storage facility in Leicester, not only is your home safe, but your stock is too. Our storage units can only be opened by you, using your personal electronic key-card. The facility is covered round-the-clock by CCTV surveillance, and we have on-site security for added peace of mind.

7 Day Access

We know that online stores are often busiest at the weekends, so you need regular access to your stock to ensure orders are processed quickly. Our online retail storage units can be accessed 7 days a week, so long as you bring your key-card.

Help with Deliveries

We have support staff on-site during normal office hours. If you are expecting a delivery of stock and cannot be there to accept it yourself, our team are happy to sign for it on your behalf for an additional fee. They will send you a notification that your delivery has arrived so that you can come down and attend to it at your convenience.

Request a Free, No-Obligation Quote

To arrange an online retail storage unit for your business, contact MIGHTY Self Storage today. Our team will be happy to set-up the perfect storage package for you. Fill out the form below to request a call back, complete our enquiry form, or call us on 0116 3653001 for a free, no-obligation quote.

Online retail storage

Calculate your storage needs

  • 1 bed

    1 Bedroom House


    1-2 Container

  • 2 bed

    2 Bedroom House


    2-3 Container

  • 3 bed

    3 Bedroom House


    3-4 Container

  • 1 house

    4 Bedroom House

    160-200sq ft

    4-6 Container

  • transit

    Transit Van


    1-2 Container

  • luton



    2-3 Container

  • 7.5 tonne

    7.5 Tonne


    3-4 Container

  • hgv

    HGV Vehicle

    160-200sq ft

    4-6 Container

  • 50 boxes

    50 Boxes

    35-80sq ft

    1-2 Container

  • 100 boxes

    100 Boxes

    80-100 sq ft

    2-3 Container

  • 150 boxes

    150 Boxes

    100-160 sq ft

    3-4 Container

  • 250 boxes

    250 Boxes

    160-200 sq ft

    4-6 Container

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