5 Great Examples of Businesses That Use Self Storage

When most people think of self storage solutions, they think of something used by individuals. They probably envision a place for people to store their goods if they are between houses, or studying away from home, or possibly holding onto possessions following the passing of a loved one.

However, this is often not the case. Here at MIGHTY Self Storage, we have been providing business storage in Leicester for a long time, and we’ve seen all kinds of small businesses make use of our top-end facilities for running their business.

Here are just some of the enterprises that have turned a self-storage contract with us into a valuable business asset:

Online sellers

Whether you run your business through eBay, Etsy, or your own e-commerce website, you need somewhere to keep all your stock. A self-storage unit is the ideal place. Not only does it free up room in your house or garage (or wherever you were originally keeping your merchandise), but you can be sure that you stock is safe and secure.

Market stall holders

You might not be an online retailer, but rather a market trader. You still need somewhere you can rely upon to store your stock overnight. With our self storage units, you have 24/7 access to your own storage bay, meaning you can pick up and drop off whenever you like – even if that means the wee hours of the morning so you can get you stall set up in time.

Charity shops

Like any shop, there is only so much room on your shop floor to display items for your customers. Unlike other shops, you tend to have no control over when you get new stock in as you are reliant on donations. With a self-storage unit, you can keep hold of excess donations in a safe environment until you have room available to sell them.

Event organisers

If you regularly attend conventions or other events to promote your business, it’s useful to have somewhere central to store advertising materials, brochures, props, and so on. What better central location than self storage in Leicester?

Sports club managers

Whether its your local pub team, an after-school sports club, or any other sporting enterprise, finding room for all the equipment you need can be taxing. With your own self-storage unit offering 24-hour access, you can keep everything in one place, ready when you need it.

If your business could benefit from access to quality self storage in Leicester, we can help. Call MIGHTY Self Storage today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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