Who uses self storage?

As the top provider of self storage in Leicester, we get calls every week from potential customers asking whether a self storage unit is right for them.

The fact is, self storage solutions are suitable for almost any situation where you need to free up space. Here are a few examples:

Retail & Online sellers

If you sell products, finding yourself with overstock can be a problem. A self-storage unit is the perfect solution for anybody needing to free up space while trying to secure a sale.

Additionally, if you sell items online, you may not have space at home to store them. A unit provides secure, out of the way storage and daily opening allows for easy access when you need to get the orders shipped.


Whether taking a gap year or simply looking for somewhere to store belongings over the summer months, many students choose to take advantage of our favourable student storage rates.


Inherited furniture

Occasionally you might receive furniture or other large objects by way of an inheritance. You may not have room in your own house, but a loathe to get rid of it for sentimental reasons. Why not keep it in storage, where it will be safe and secure until you think of a more long-term solution?

Moving house

If you’re moving into a new property, keeping some stuff in storage can be a great way to get your new house decorated without your belongings getting in the way. Likewise, it’s a handy solution when downsizing.

Home improvements

If you’re doing major renovations to your home, the last thing you need is for your precious items to get damaged. Put them in storage for the duration of the refurbishment, and they’ll be good as new when you need them.



Whether it’s a caravan that’s too big for your road or driveway, or a classic car that you want to keep in perfect condition, storage units can provide the answer.
If you’re in need of self-storage in Leicester for any reason, give MIGHTY Self Storage a call today on 0116 239 3000 for your free, no-obligation quote.

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