5 Tips to Declutter your Garage Quickly

With spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start making the most of your garage. Many of us use our garage as more than just a place to keep our car. It’s often part storage space, part utility room, part workshop, and more. Over the winter months, we tend to move more stuff in there to keep it safe from the inclement weather so that, when March rolls around, your garage is no longer as functional as you wanted it to be.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some quick and easy ways to declutter your garage and make it more effective and useful for the months ahead:

Have a throw out

Garages are like cellars and attics, in that things get stowed away there and sometimes forgotten about. When cleaning your garage for the spring, don’t be afraid to be brutal. If you come across something you’ve been hoarding for months or even years, ask yourself if you really need it. Can you see yourself using it at any point in the foreseeable future? Does it hold some sentimental value? Is it a genuine collectable whose value will likely increase over time? If the answer to those three questions is “no” then get rid of it. Sell it on eBay, donate it to charity, or pass it onto a friend or work colleague that you know will make the most of it.

Put up some shelves

Now you’ve got rid of the items you don’t need, it’s time to organise what’s left. Shelving helps you move things up from floor level, where they could be a trip hazard, to eye level where they are easier to see and reach. Whether you buy a pre-made set of shelves or make your own with some wall brackets and a length of wood or metal, you can give yourself so much more space in your garage.

Use storage bins and boxes

If you have lots of loose items piled here, there, and everywhere, then storage bins are a great solution. They range in size from small plastic tubs for holding loose screws, nails, nuts, and bolts, to larger containers for gardening equipment, power tools, walking sticks and umbrellas, sports gear, and so much more. The smaller bins can be arranged neatly on your new shelves, while the larger ones will still take up less room than leaving your belongings spread out.

Set up zones

Your garage is a perfect multi-use environment, but things have a tendency to spread and run into one another. Give your garage designated areas for certain things – tools, cleaning products, garden equipment, food and drink, and so on – then make sure all your items are sorted into their respective areas.

Hire a self storage unit

If you’ve got a lot of stuff in your garage that you don’t use day-to-day, but you can’t bear to dispose of, the best way to empty it out is with a self-storage solution. If you’re using your garage for furniture storage, let’s say, then you’re cutting off a huge amount of usable space for no tangible benefit. By hiring a self-storage unit you can transport all your bulky items to a single, convenient location, with easy access when you need it. You can store those items for the duration of your spring clean and bring them back to a lovely, clear garage. Alternatively, you can hire a storage unit long term, giving yourself the room you need in your own garage.

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