Tips to Get the Most out of your Self Storage Unit

With so many people choosing to downsize or share properties, self storage has become an ever more popular solution to the problem of where to put all those personal belongings there’s no longer room for at home.

As the foremost providers of quality self storage in Leicester, we have put together these useful tips on how to make the most out of your self storage.

How to pack a self storage unit

It’s always worth taking the time – assuming you can – to pack up your belongings properly prior to storage. You may think that loading everything into some heavy duty bin-liners and second-hand cardboard boxes donated by a friend will be good enough, but you’d be wrong. Cardboard boxes are rarely strong enough to stack more than a couple high and even the thickest black bags have a tendency to rip, tear, or fall over. Instead, invest in some lidded, stackable plastic containers from your local hardware shop. Roomy, waterproof, and versatile, they help you maximise the space in your storage unit.

Out with the old

Since you’re packing for storage anyway, now is a good time to throw away that stuff you’re never going to use. Those books or magazines you swore you were going to read 10 years ago? Those clothes that you haven’t worn in a decade or more? Be brutal with your belongings: keep the important stuff, donate the rest to charity, or flog it on eBay.

Ensure you’re insured

Some storage facilities provide insurance, but is it adequate to protect your belongings? Sometimes it only covers fire and theft, not accidental damage. Sometimes it has a top limit that won’t cover your valuable items. Private insurance is always worth considering.

Make an inventory

Related to the question of insurance, you should know everything that’s in your storage unit, down to the last detail. Make a list of the contents of every box or container, and compile a master list from them. Not only does it assist in any insurance claim, but if you need to find a specific item at a later date, you know which box to open.

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