What is Document Archiving

Many businesses and individuals have documents which are no longer in active use, however they still need to be kept as a record. This process is known as document archiving. Self-storage can be a very convenient option to keep your documents archive secure. MIGHTY Self Storage offer low cost document archive storage in Leicester and are a popular choice for a range of reasons. Here we discuss some of the factors to bear in mind when looking at document archiving.


Any documents with sensitive information on them must be protected in order to be GDPR compliant, so your archive needs to be somewhere safe. In busy workplaces this can be difficult unless you have the space to designate a specific, secured area. MIGHTY Self Storage offers document archive storage which is covered by alarms and CCTV, so you can rest assured that information on your company and its clients is safe from any prying eyes.

Storage Conditions

Paperwork stored long term can deteriorate if the conditions are not appropriate, and important information can be compromised or lost completely. Humidity, temperature, fungus and pests can all cause problems with documents that are being kept for long periods of time. If these problems are not resolved they can spread and entire archives can be lost. With self-storage, the environment is more static and safer for your documents. We can also offer professional advice on how to store your paperwork to minimise all kinds of damage.


Space is often the drive to using self-storage for document archiving. Over time, paperwork can build up and if you have insufficient space it can become difficult or impossible to keep the records in order. This means that access is severely limited and you are not able to benefit from what has been kept at all. By renting self-storage units, available at affordable prices, you can organise your records properly so that they can be accessed easily.

MIGHTY Self Storage offer units that range from 13 to 150 sq feet and are open seven days a week for convenient access. We pride ourselves on being affordable for businesses and individuals. Browse our site to read more about the document archive storage service that we offer or call us today on 0116 239 3000 to arrange a free quotation.

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