How to Prepare your Home for Viewing

Not so long ago, the housing market was sufficiently vibrant that all it took for prospective buyers to offer you the full asking price was to pop a ‘For Sale’ sign in the front garden. These days – that’s just not going to happen. Potential purchasers are likely to want at least one, and possibly multiple, viewings of your home before they make up their mind, and you want to make the best impression.

Here are a few ways to prepare your home for a viewing.

Get rid of the clutter

We’re not suggesting you strip everything down to the bare boards: keep enough stuff for your house to look lived in, but put the rest into a self-storage facility.

Nooks, crannies, cupboards and closets

There’s a reason we mentioned a storage facility above. While you might prefer to stuff everything into wardrobes, cubby-holes, or that cupboard under the stairs, buyers will want to see that available space, so keep them free of obstruction, and looking as large as possible.

Let there be light

Make sure all windows are clean and sparkling: all curtains drawn back and internal doors left open to allow the passage of natural light. For evening and night-time viewings, make sure your light bulbs are powerful enough for people to see everything they need to.

Know how your house works

Be prepared to point out and demonstrate things like the alarm system, thermostat, air-conditioning and other electronic conveniences.

The kitchen is king

The kitchen is the heart of any family home, so you need to make it look inviting, however, it should also be spotless – nothing puts people off more than an unemptied bin, or a sink full of dirty dishes.

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