How to Move House Like a Pro

Moving house can be stressful, we all know this. However, it doesn’t need to be. Here at MIGHTY Self Storage in Leicester, many of our customers make use of us during the moving process, so we’ve put together the following hints and tips to help you move house like a pro.

Hire a packing company

Packing up your personal belongings can be a nightmare. Not only is it always more work than you first expect, it can be emotionally draining as well as physically. A professional packing company solves both problems. First, they can handle the physical side of things with ease, much faster than you will. They will wrap and pack your delicate items, so you know everything is safe.

Use a storage company

Here at MIGHTY Self Storage we help hundreds of customers by acting as a halfway house for their belongings. It makes your move easier in several ways. You can get away with hiring a single van, rather than booking a removal firm with a lorry. You can redecorate or renovate your new home without your other possessions getting in the way. Also, with a little distance from your belongings you may find that they’re not as essential as you thought. Maybe a post-move declutter is in order?

Make use of family and friends

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help on your big move, as long as you remember three rules. 1) give plenty of notice, 2) don’t ask for too much, 3) remember to reward them. The first one is obvious. The second means asking a bunch of people to do little things, rather than asking one person to do everything. Ask one person if they can look after your cat. Ask another if they can take your kids to the park while you unpack. Another if they can drive you to the new house ahead of the removals van with some small essentials. As for the rewards – don’t go mad. A simple card, a bottle of wine, some homemade cookies out of your new kitchen… whatever you’ve got.

If you need a reliable self-storage company in Leicester to take care of your personal belongings during a move, get in touch with MIGHTY Self Storage today. A member of our team will be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

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